"Celebrating One Year of Hard Work at Neurology4MRCP Group":

No one ever said that medicine was going to be easy, but the thing is, there are very few parts of this enormus subject that are difficult to understand (like neurology for example). The problem for most of us is the sheer volume of information that must be absorbed before each round of exams.

It is not fun when time is getting short and you relalize that you really should have done a bit more work by now;and there are large gaps in your "notes" that you meant to copy but never got round to. We found that it is better to make these best of fives in a PDF format ,because many might be unable to have a long or a good internet access, so thess PDFs will be easily downloaded and to be read later at any time, and even printed.Please feel free to forward the file(s) to any one. To see and download our books and mocks, please click on services.

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